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***** Dark One was accepted for the official programme of the 50th edition
        of the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated
        Film - DOK Leipzig                               (29 October - 4 November 2007)

                       DOK Leipzig – is the largest German and one of the leading
                       international festivals for artistic documentary and animated films.

A drug-addicted poet searches for spiritual redemption as he cooks up morphine at the kitchen table with his Auschwitz survivor mother and pet bird. This brilliant, hallucinatory immersion into the psyche of Dan Biholar, a soul spiraling into oblivion, pushes the medium of the moving image about as far as it can go.

Biholar vacillates between moments of acute self-awareness, disturbing darkness, tender sentiment, lyrical inspiration and delusions of grandeur. Award-winning experimental filmmaker and sound designer Darryl Miller was once in Biholar's shoes.

With unsettling accuracy, Miller sculpts a sensory overload of hypnotic soundscape and half-melted psychedelic imagery that submerges us in Biholar's altered states. There is no safe distance from which to observe this visceral blurring between art, psychosis and reality-let's hope our sanity returns when the lights come back on.

Director/Producer: Darryl Miller

Executive Producer: Elaine Pain

Production Company: Ice Cube Factory, 2007 Cupar, Saskatchewan

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