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United Church
Celia Ricker

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church
Bob McKenzie

St. Mary's
Anglican Church
George Archer

St. Paul
Lutheran Church
Lowell Dennis



In 1905, a group of pioneer families began worshipping together as a Methodist congregation. At the same time another group was worshipping together as a Presbyterian congregation. At the time of church union in 1925, it was decided to use the larger Methodist building as the United church.

In 1948 the church was remodeled and continues to be the building we use today.

In 1953 members of the United Church in Markinch were welcomed to the Cupar congregation.

In 1969 new pastoral boundaries were formed and Cupar United Church became part of the Cupar - Earl Grey Pastoral Charge. Later the name was changed to include Southey and the Pastoral Charge became Cupar - Southey - Earl Grey Pastoral Charge.

As we have entered the new millennium we recognize and pay tribute to all the efforts of past and present members who have contributed to the life of our church over the last 95 years. As we go forward into a new century we give thanks for those who had a vision and were " called to be a church". May God be with us as we continue our 'Journey'.


Lutherans, who settled North Cupar District, immigrated from Bukovina, Austria, about the year 1905 with a few of them hailing from Rumania. These, being a religious people, were first served by the Rev. Rotermund of Southey with the help of a student , C. Gerling, in 1908. The first services were held in the homes of the Reins, Millers and the Hassmans.

In 1910 a paronage was built and then services were held there until the chucrh building was built in 1913 on the South East corner of Section 23 -24 -17. The cornerstone being laid by Mr. W.P. Schwartz and construction supervisor being the late Mr. Philip Hassman. At the time the church building was erected, about 13 families formed the congregation. The first Church board consisted of Mr. John Hassman, W.P. Schwartz and Mr. Philip Hart. The church building was enlarged in 1949. In 1957 the parsonage was sold for $250. In 1959 the congregation numbered 157 souls with 93 communicants.

The church building was moved into Cupar on December 14, 1962. The property and lot were bought from Trinity Lutheran Church. the church board responsible for this move were: Secretary Henry A. Ermel, Treasurer Philip Hart, Chairman Philip Steward, Elder E. Lipinski, Elder E. Gebhardt. The first service was held in town on December 16, 1962, and the church was dedicated early in 1963.

Most of the members of St. Paul's are descendents of the original members who first formed the congregation.

In May 1971 ground was broken for a new church building. The old church building was removed and sold. On reformation Sunday 1971 the cornerstone was laid for a new church building. Two more years of construction continued as funds became available to complete the church building. On June 17, 1973 the new church building was dedicated. The congregation celebrated its 90th anniversary on June 13, 1999.


The first Catholic settlers arrived in Cupar area between 1899 and 1904. They attended mass at Lebret on the Sioux Reserve.

From 1904 to 1908, Oblate priests from Grayson and Lember visited Cupar twice a year, at Christmas and Easter, saying Mass in private homes or country schools.

In 1910 a small frame church was built and dedicated to St. Patrick. In 1920 St. Patrick's became a mission of the Dysart Parish. In 1954 the building of a new and much bigger church was started. This is our present day church. It was completed in 1965. During the winter of 1960-61 a rectory was built.

the summer of 1960, St Patrick's became a parish. In September of 1960 St. Ann's and Holy Trinity Churches became missions of St. Patrick's parish.

In 1975 Cupar was assigned both Dysart and Lipton as missions.

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