2010 Year in Review


     More than a year has passed since our last annual meeting, this as a result of our changing the annual meeting date so we could reflect all our activities up to the end of the year.  All will agree that 2010 was quite a year, one to remember or perhaps forget.

     All the rain and the wet weather affected some of the activities at the Museum.  Sump pumps were installed by museum volunteers in the storage area of the Museum and were kept active all summer and into the fall.  Gravel had to be purchased and a driveway made to accommodate the RV's and vehicles for winter storage.  Plans were made to improve the antique machinery display and railway ties were purchased.  This project, weather permitting will be completed this summer.  Some of the boards for the deck were replaced but it never dried up enough to get the painting done, hopefully this will happen also this summer.  There are other jobs that need to be done but when you have weird weather i cuts down ton the time our volunteers can contribute.

     Not everything was bad, our summer student this past summer was Lucas Czemeres and Lucas did a good job maintaining the everyday operation of the Museum, acting as a tour guide and receptionist and helping out where he could with the water problems.  We had a number of visitors this past year both local and from out of town.  This past year we again held our Strawberry Social with entertainment by Leo Konecsni. Face painting and a Treasure Hunt for the kids. We have a new outdoor shelter and a good time was had by all. We had an afternoon wisit from the residents of Shalom.  These visitors are gems and we really enjoy their visits.  Even with the late harvest our annual Harvest Lunch was quite successful, always an enjoyable time.  Our year ended with a Christmas Party on November 24th, a stormy night and a few people were unable to attend.  We still had a good time with a delicious supper provided by Wilf and Marg Paidel and games followed.

    We have a new sign and new photo's on the Town of Cupar website, check it out.  If you have relatives or visitors from out of town don't forget the Museum, it's a great visit and a way to brig back fond memories.

     Once again our hats are off tothe many people who volunteer their time and efforts to the Museum and to the community for the continued support, the Museum wouldn't work without it.