The Council of the Town of Cupar,
in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as follows:




  1. This Bylaw may be cited as the Cemetery Bylaw.




1.    The term "municipality" in this Bylaw shall mean the Town of Cupar.




  1. That part, 4.3 Acres of the Legal Land Description within SE Quarter of Section 16, Township 23, Range 16,
    West of the 2nd Meridian in the Province of Saskatchewan, acquired by the Municipality for cemetery purposes
    as approved by the Registrar under The Cemetery Act shall be and is hereby appropriated as a public cemetery
    to the called the Cupar Cemetery.


  1. Subject to the provisions of this Bylaw, no burial shall be allowed unless an application is made to the
    Administrator of the Municipality and a license is granted.


  1. The License shall be in Form A, Appendix "A", attached to and forming part of this bylaw.


  1. It shall be lawful for the Licensee of a lot or his agent to place markers thereon in accordance with the provisions of this Bylaw.


  1. The Licensee of a lot shall obtain a permit from the municipality prior to placing a marker thereon. 
    The permit shall be in Form B, Appendix "A", attached and forming part of the Bylaw. 
    The permit fee shall be Twenty-Five dollars ($25.00).


  1. The Council shall restrict the size of the tombstones to that of low 14 inch /35 centimeters in height pillow style or
    smaller except in the case of a partner's match and hereby disallows grave covers or replacement covers.


  1. The Memorial Salespersons who sells markers or monuments for placement in the Cupar Cemetery shall be a holder of
    a valid Sales License from the Town of Cupar and the Province of Saskatchewan.


  1. The Monument Company shall be responsible for cleaning and refurbishing the area around the marker to the
    satisfaction of the Town Maintenance personal.  The Town shall not be responsible for
    any maintenance and/or damage/breakage to the monument/foundation after installation.


  1. The Council may direct the removal of any markers, trees, shrubs or flowers placed contrary to this Bylaw. 
    The costs for which may be redeemed from the contravener.


  1. The interment of destitute persons shall be in such portions of the grounds as may be designated from time to time by the Council.


  1. The Administrator shall keep accurate records stating the name, location and the date of burial of the deceased person.


  1. At least two days notice shall be given by the Licensee requesting the Municipality to open and close a grave.


  1. The price of a lot within the Cupar Cemetery shall be $200.00.


  1. The purchaser shall be given a receipt with the legal block and lot description.


  1. The charge for the opening and closing of a grave shall be:

$600.00         Regular

$600.00         Oversized

                                    $200.00         Cremation

                                    $400.00         Opening Only


  1. Any person found guilty of an infraction of any of the provisions of this Bylaw shall be liable to the
    penalties imposed in the Bylaw 9-2009 - General Penalty, of the Town of Cupar.



            Bylaw No. 07-2009 of the Town of Cupar is hereby repealed.




             _________________________                                 ________________________

            Mayor                                                          Acting Administrator





      Certified a true copy of

      Bylaw 01-2010 adopted by

      Resolution of Council

      ______day of ____________





      Acting Administrator





























FORM "A"                      TOWN OF CUPAR          APPENDIX "A"




                                                BURIAL LICENSE



Permission is hereby granted to  _________________________________


To use Lot __________ Block____________ for the purpose of burial in the


Cupar Cemetery.



Name of Deceased:   ___________________________


Date of Burial:          ___________________________



This license is granted subject to the provisions of Bylaw No. 1-2007 governing the said cemetery.




Dated this  ________day of _____________________, 20_____________


































FORM "B"                       TOWN OF CUPAR          APPENDIX "A"








In consideration of the sum of Twenty five dollars, ($ 25.00) permission is granted to



__________________________________  to erect a monument on


Lot  _________  Block  _________   in the Cupar Cemetery.


This permit is granted subject to the provisions of Bylaw No. 1-2007 governing the said





Dated this _____________  day of   ___________________, 20__________________