The Council of the Town of Cupar in the Province of Saskatchewan,
under the authority of the Clean Air Act, hereby enacts as follows:



1.                   Name of Bylaw

                  This Bylaw may be cited as the "Burning Bylaw"


2.                   Definitions

                  All terms and expressions used in this bylaw shall have the same respective meanings as the

                  Clean Air Act and Clean Air Regulations.


3.                   Prohibition Burning

                  No person shall:

(a)  light an open fire, incinerator fire, pit fire without first taking sufficient precaution to ensure that
the fire can be kept under
control at all times.

(b)  Light an open fire, incinerator fire, pit fire when the weather conditions are conductive to creating a running fire.

(c)  Place a pit fire less than 3 metres from any structure including but not limited to a fence or deck or within
3 metres from the eave of a garage, shed or house.

(d)  Burn in a pit fire, garbage, leaves, straw, painted wood, treated construction materials and items made of or

      containing rubber, plastic, tar, material classified as a dangerous good, material which when burning will

      generate black smoke or create an offensive odor including electrical coring or equipment, asphalt roofing materials

      or any materials deemed for disposal.

(e)  Fail to take reasonable steps to control a fire for the purpose of preventing it from becoming a running fire or from

      spreading onto land other than his own.

(f)    Deposit, discard or leave any burning matter of substance where it might ignite other material and cause a fire.

(g)  Conduct any activity that involves the use of fire that might reasonably be expected to cause a fire, unless
he exercises reasonable car to prevent the fire from occurring.


4.             Conditions of Open Air Fires

                All persons must:

(a) Be located on private property

(b) Have all open air fires contained in a receptacle constructed of cement, brick or metal

(c)  Have a metal screen with openings not to exceed 10 millimeters on all containers

                      (d)Have an area 40 cm on the ground around the container free of  combustible materials or vegetation and

                          shall be covered with sand.

a.    Use only charcoal briquettes or cut seasoned wood for fuel.

b.    Under strict adult supervision


5.               Conditions of Fireworks

                  No persons shall discharge any fireworks/explosives within any residential area.                                                                                


6.               Offences and fees

                  (a)The Town of Cupar Council and appointed authorized employees ofthe Town shall have the authority to determine when
                       conditions are not suitable to burn bonfires, open fires or create fireworks.

                  (b)All person who violates or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Bylaw is guilty of an offense and liable on

                       conviction to the penalties set out in the Clean Air Act.

                  (c)The following shall be considered an infraction of the provisions of this bylaw and shall be subject to the penalties

                       provided in the General Penalty Bylaw of the Town of Cupar:

                              (i) Failure to extinguish any bonfire, other open fire orceasing the creation of fireworks upon being notified to do so                                         by any authorized personal.

                              (ii) Continuing to light bonfires or other open fires, creating fireworks in contravention of this bylaw,
                                    after having received prior notification of the provisions of this bylaw.




7.               Repeal Previous Bylaws

                  Bylaw 1 – 1991, Refuse Burning Bylaw is hereby repealed.


8.              Coming Into Force

                        This bylaw shall come into force on ____________________.