BYLAW 15-2010



The Council of the Town of Cupar in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows;


  1. This bylaw shall be referred to as the Civic Addressing Bylaw.

  2. The purpose of this bylaw being for 911 Emergency Measures: Fire Protection, Policing Protection and Ambulance Services.

  3. A uniform system of numbering houses and other buildings is hereby established and is shown on the attached map identified as
    Schedule "A", map of the Town, appending hereto and forming a part of this bylaw.

  4. A separate number shall be assigned for each residential and commercial building.

  5. Each house or building shall bear the number assigned to the frontage on which the front entrance is situated.

  6. Notwithstanding section 4 of this bylaw, upon request of the owner of a property situated on a corner, the number assigned
    may be specific to the flankage.

  7. In case a house or building is occupied by more than one family dwelling unit or business, each separate front entrance of
    said house or building:

a)        shall bear a separate number

b)        the same number extended with a letter of the alphabet beginning with the letter "A" and proceeding with as many as
  are required.

  1. Numerals indicating the official number of each house or building or each front entrance shall be posted in a manner as to be
    visible from the street on which the property is located.

  2. The Administrator or other designated person shall be responsible for maintaining the numbering system and shall keep
    a record of all numbers assigned under this bylaw.

  3. Any person who contravenes the provisions of this bylaw is guilty of an offence and upon conviction shall be liable for:

a)        a minimum penalty of $500.00 or

b)        as per the General Penalty Bylaw or

c)        choose the option of voluntary payments, please refer to "Voluntary Payment Option" included in the
 Bylaw to Establish Penalties for Contravention of Bylaws.

  1. All existing numbers of houses and other buildings not now conforming to the provisions of this bylaw shall be changed to conform to the system herein adopted.

  2. This bylaw is effective upon passing.


This is a certified true copy

Dated _____ of ______, 2010